Who the hell knows what goes on behind closed doors in the Emmure camp? In fact, judging by recent personnel changes and press outbursts, it’d be fair to say that very few outside those walls know what goes on inside controversial frontman Frankie Palmeri’s head. Cancelled tours and line-up changes have come and gone and I’m sitting listening to the 2017 incarnation of the New York deathcore heavyweights courtesy of their new slab of breakdowns and anger, Look At Yourself and, given the turmoil, it’s nice to hear that Frankie and whoever is in Emmure these days, have turned in a banger.

Right from “Shinjuku Masterlord”, there is no ignoring the fact that Frankie Palmeri means business on this album. Brutally heavy, Look At Yourself is the sound of Emmure crushing like we know they can. From Palmeri’s skittish, brutal vocals to the shuddering beatdowns, from the anger and frustration that pours through every crack to the massive, lurching grooves, this is Emmure at their most visceral. Unleashing wave after wave of fury on tracks like “Flag Of The Beast”, Emmure and, in particular Palmeri, sound angrier and nastier than ever. Like I said earlier on, Look At Yourself is a mammoth peice of work from a band who have bounced back and mean business.

Some have described this as a rebirth for Emmure and, given recent troubles, you could call the release of Look At Yourself as a fresh start. Palmeri in particular sounds like he has shaken off the cartoonish image the press have given him and, with his new bandmates, new home and newly focused ferocity, Look At Yourself is an album that will slay the doubters.

Smokey Track Listing:

01. You Asked for It
02. Shinjuku Masterlord
03. Smokey
04. Natural Born Killer
05. Flag of the Beast
06. Ice Man Confessions
07. Russian Hotel Aftermath
08. Call Me Ninib
09. Major Key Alert
10. Turtle in a Hare Machine
11. Torch
12. Derelict
13. Gucci Prison

Run Time: 31:27
Release Date: March 3, 2017

Check out the track “Smokey”

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