Since their formation in 2011, Art of Anarchy released their newest album, The Madness on March 24 of this year. The band ranges from soft to heavy in a matter of minutes starting with “Echo Of A Scream” and ending with “Afterburn.”

It’s no surprise that the song, “The Madness” is the name of the album, that and “1000 Degrees” stands out the most when first listening to it. Both songs have a strong and upbeat beginning with their rhythm and killer guitar riffs. Art of Anarchy has a specific sound when playing, not only because of their lead singer’s voice, but their beats and guitar patterns are consistent, allowing them to be noticed automatically by their fans and new listeners.

Scott Stapp (lead singer) has a voice that is very powerful, it’s as if it’s a combination of both Volbeat and the Foo Fighter’s lead singers, Michael Poulsen, Dave Grohl. When singing the song, “The Madness”, Stapp’s heavy vocals reminds me of the song “The Pretenders” by the Foo Fighters. The song, “Changed Man” mellows down the tone of the album completely, allowing me to fully absorb the words. I could feel the emotions and story behind Stapp’s voice.

Overall, the American rock band has great control over monitoring volume and power. There is pure raw talent. Not only is Ron Thal (lead guitarist), better known by his stage name, “Bumblefoot”, a former member of Guns N’ Roses, but John Moyer (bass player) is also a member of Disturbed. And let’s not forget our lead vocalist Scott Stapp, who also uses his killer pipes to perform in Creed. Great talent all in one band.

The Madness Track Listing:

01. Echoes Of A Scream
02. 1000 Degrees
03. No Surrender
04. The Madness
05. Won’t Let You Down
06. Changed Man
07. A Light In Me
08. Somber
09. Dancing With the Devil
10. Afterburn

Run Time: 36:27
Release Date: March 24, 2017

Check out “Echoes Of A Scream”