When Daycare For Jedi named this LP This Is What You Get, I’m pretty sure they were referring to the melodies that become inevitably stuck in listeners’ heads for hours and hours on end after exposure to this incredibly catchy album. Self-described as a pop-punk quartet from Aarhus, Denmark, I would venture to say their sound reminds me of a hybrid between modern pop-punk and “happy” melodic hardcore–with elements that bring me back to Four Year Strong circa Rise Or Die Trying. It’s heavy at times, but always maintains a super fun vibe that makes you want to get up and (hardcore) dance.

Daycare For Jedi showcase an effortlessly radiant sound on This Is What You Get, largely due to their obvious love for the music they make, coupled with their commitment to not taking themselves too seriously. (Alternate theory: it’s because they’re from Denmark, which is statistically the happiest country on earth.)

According to their label, Prime Collective: “….with song titles such as ‘Loser’ and ‘This Is What You Get,’ Daycare For Jedi are ready to shake up a new generation of kids, who love their music with fast guitars, catchy choruses and a feel of warm summer evenings. The guys in Daycare For Jedi are well aware of the limits their genre has in a country such as Denmark, so don’t expect a Daycare For Jedi with big gestures, or an attempt to adjust to a specific music market. It’s the love for an era and particular sound that drives the four guys from Aarhus.”

You know what? I dig it. And they are DAMN good at what they’re doing, so major props to them. While This Is What You Get is nothing we haven’t heard before, it is proof that it really does show when you love what you’re doing—their passion and energy resonate through literally every note and chord! This album is great to jam in the car, at work, wherever—it’s just an all-around good time. Do yourself a favour and check out Daycare For Jedi’s This Is What You Get. You can thank me later.

This Is What You Get Track Listing:

01. This Is What You Get
02. Change
03. Indifferent
04. Moonshine
05. A Better Way
06. Brother
07. Excuses
08. Next Chapter
09. Loser
10. Treading Water
11. Home

Run Time: 41 minutes
Release Date: March 1, 2017

Check out the song “Next Chapter” by Daycare For Jedi