WSTR is back with their first full-length release, Red, Green, or Inbetween, following up their 2015 EP SKRWD. It’s everything you’d expect from a pop-punk quartet, with lyrics largely fueled by a breakup, but I’d say this album offers slightly more than meets the eye.

According to WSTR vocalist Sammy Clifford, “This album is mainly a breakup album however it’s not a ‘fuck you’ album – it’s more a ‘mad at myself’ album. The title, “Red, Green or Inbetween” is based on being stuck in limbo or in the ‘in-between’, It’s all about kicking myself for not stepping up when I had the chance and coasting through life making bad decisions. Compared to the EP, it’s still very honest but just bigger, better and longer. The artwork is a voodoo doll which is meant to represent me, as I sometimes feel like someone is out to get me with all the bad luck I have.”

There is plenty of evidence of WSTR’s growth since their first EP, as well as a sense of increased lyrical vulnerability, on Red, Green or Inbetween. If you’re a fan of bands like Neck Deep or State Champs, you’ll definitely enjoy this release. There is a lot of passion and energy in their sound, and I think most folks will enjoy the raw, heartfelt vibe you’ll find herein. If you’re looking for groundbreaking, this isn’t your album — it falls short in terms of standing out among the crowded pop-punk scene. However, Red, Green or Inbetween holds its own, and if you’re looking for a solid jam session, WSTR has got your back.

Red, Green or Inbetween Track Listing:

01. Featherweight
02. Footprints
03. Gobshite
04. Lonely Smiles
05. Nail The Casket (Thanks For Nothing)
06. Eastbound & Down
07. King’s Cup
08. The Last Ride
09. Hightail
10. Penultimate
11. Punchline

Run Time: 33:26
Release Date: January 20, 2017

Check out the song “Nail The Casket (Thanks For Nothing)”