As a precursor to their new album The Fiction We’ve Become, which is due out early in 2017, Caricature, the musical offspring of Joseph Spiller, have put out this four/five track EP to give fans of expansive progressive metal something with which to whet their appetites. Having already released a twenty-seven minute song “Stampede”, about his cat, Spiller isn’t one to shy away from challenging himself or the listener, and it is that creative juice that seeps out of every pore of Unborn.

The four/five tracks (“Man Of Science & 1:03 are two separate tracks with the latter being an interlude), certainly keep you interested as they sway from soothing passages, such as the aforementioned “1:03”, to the epic proggy nature of “Sway” to the brutal, modern crunch of “Man Of Science” and back again. However, listening to the effortless switch between moods, it comes as no surprise that this is all done with minimal effort with Spiller (formerly a member of System Divide) enlisting former members of bands like Testament and Six Feet Under to help him create what is a truly impressive soundscape.

Look out for the album at some point in 2017, prog-metal fans it might just blow your minds.

Unborn [EP] Track Listing:

01. Unborn
02. Man Of Science / 1:03
03. Spark
04. End Of Two Worlds

Run Time: 22.18
Release Date: December 06, 2016

Check out the track “Man Of Science”


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