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Ministry – “Trax! Rarities” [Album Review]

An early collection of rare tracks from Ministry that are just as diverse as the dance floors they have filled. Take a look at our review of Ministry’s Trax! Rarities.



Anyone who is a Ministry fan by now should know of Uncle Al’s loathing has for the album With Sympathy. He also points out that if it wasn’t for that unpleasant experience, that Ministry wouldn’t have become the band that it is today. The first nine tracks that encompass this collection from Cleopatra Records will definitely appeal to the early ’80s new wave, industrial and synthpop club-sets. In fact those tracks (the first three being very rare live cuts), shed some essential insight on a very early template for the future proto-industrial metal juggernaut. It’s really interesting to be able to listen to the song-style and arrangement of these early cuts that have such a distinct signature early on, before being magnified over-the-top and heavy-as-hell as with their later material.

The true and relevant gold seems to be in the latter half of the album, however. With “I See Red” and “Self Annoyed” sounding closer to Twitch-era material, we get to see the more familiar beginnings of Jourgensen towards prolific heaviness from here on. Honestly though, the side-project fare on display here are the real jewels. I’ve only heard most of these myself because of years of clubs and repeated dance floor spins, as DJ pool promos and artist-to-DJ exclusives. The RevCo. songs of course kill, especially “(Let’s Get) Physical” and the very rare “Drums Along The Carbide”. Plus the equally rare 1000 Homo DJs homage to Sabbath in “Supernaut (Dub remix)” is the icing for those who have long-searched for this particular mix (myself included).

While one might have to be in a particular head-space to listen to the album in one go, for diehard Ministry fans and those with an interest in independent/end-of-the-millennium club culture, this would be a pretty decent addition to the collection. Why, I can even see Uncle Al perhaps giving this a pass, for showing more of a truer representation of where he came from, and to where he was headed. Bonus kudos go to Cleopatra Recs. for handling such a delicate matter and material with taste.

Ministry | Trax! Rarities Track Listing

01. Ministry – Never Asked For Nothing (Detroit 7.10.82)
02. Ministry – Love Change (Detroit 7.10.82)
03. Ministry – What Is The Reason (Detroit 7.10.82)
04. Ministry – America (Detroit 7.10.82)
05. Ministry – Same old Madness (1982 Demo)
06. Ministry – Game Is Over (1983 Demo)
07. Ministry – Let’s Be Happy (1983 Demo)
08. Ministry – Same Old Scene (1983 Demo)
09. Ministry – Wait (1983 Demo)
10. Ministry – I See Red
11. Ministry – Self Annoyed
12. Revolting Cocks – Fish In Cold Water
13. Revolting Cocks – (Let’s Get) Physical (Banned Version)
14. PTP – Show Me Your Spine
15. Pailhead – Don’t Stand In Line (Dub mix)
16. Revolting Cocks – Drums Along The Carbide
17. 1000 Homo DJs – Supernaut (Dub remix)

Run Time: 88:27
Release Date: December 9, 2016

Check out the track “Game Is Over”