Yes, this is EXACTLY what it sounds like — your favourite pop-rock band from the early 2000’s performing an assortment of songs from their extensive discography in “…a Freakin’ English Church”. Let me start by addressing everyone’s first and MOST IMPORTANT question: what is BFS doing in a CHURCH of all places?

While I am sad to say I don’t know the exact answer to that question, I am going to assume it has something to do with the generally phenomenal natural acoustics English churches are known for (thank you, architects of centuries past!). I’m also happy to report that it does appear that BFS (and the live audience!) survived recording this album without anyone spontaneously combusting. However, this album does not come without the corny BFS humor and banter long-time fans know and (maybe?) love, so consider yourselves warned.

Now that we’ve covered the important stuff, on to the actual music — Jaret and the boys sound great, as always, on Acoustic In A Freakin’ English Church, and most of the tracks are older (from way-back-when I used to listen to BFS – I’m thinking 2003? 2004? Eww, I’m old). All the quintessential songs from A Hangover You Don’t Deserve are present, as well as the classic anthem “Punk Rock 101”. It’s definitely a solid live album, sure to please any BFS fan.

Were you looking for some acoustic renditions of classic BFS tunes performed in front of a live audience/in a church? Then yes, this album is for you. Is this the album you’ve been waiting for all year? Probably not but it can’t hurt to have a few laughs courtesy of BFS during the holiday season.

Acoustic In A Freakin’ English Church Track Listing:

01. Me With No You
02. Almost
03. A-Hole
04. 2113
05. Since We Broke Up
06. The Bitch Song
07. Last Call Casualty
08. Ohio (Come Back To Texas)
09. Emily
10. Two Seater
11. A Friendly Goodbye
12. Envy
13. Goodbye Friend
14. All Figured Out
15. Punk Rock 101
16. A Really Cool Dance Song
17. If You Come Back To Me
18. Turbulence.
19. 1985

Run Time: 78:38
Release Date: December 16, 2016

Check out the track “Punk Rock 101”