Pelander is the solo project of Magnus Pelander, lead singer of Swedish doom metal band Witchcraft. Pelander’s debut album, Time, was released on October 21,2016.

Although Magnus Pelanders’ name might not be immediately recognizable, his vocals certainly are; it is the same melancholy crooning that has become reminiscent of Witchcraft’s sludgy sound. Despite this, Time is an interesting departure from Pelander’s work with Witchcraft. It is more comparable to ’70s folk than doom metal. Perhaps the most surprising difference is that the album is largely acoustic, leaving a sparse soundscape where Pelander’s striking voice can really shine. Although Time is different from Witchcraft’s discography, this difference certainly isn’t a bad thing. And despite these differences, it does retain some some fidelity to Witchcraft: it’s slow paced, at times it’s psychedelic, and it’s lyrically rich.

The album works well as a cohesive whole, weaving a vulnerable and self-reflective narrative. However, stand out tracks are opening track “Umbrella” and “The Irony of Man”. “Umbrella” is a driving and powerful folk anthem that sets a theme for the rest of the album, while “The Irony of Man” is a sorrowful reflection on the human condition. The latter is more stripped back, and the addition of a female vocal aids in its haunting delivery.

With Time, Pelander is successful in delivering a solo album that can stand on its own, despite his main band’s success. Time is an album that should be approached with an open mind; it’s not the solo album you would expect from the lead singer of a doom metal band, but it’s a pleasant surprise indeed.

Time Track Listing:

01. Umbrella
02. Family Song
03. The Irony of Man
04. True Colour
05. Precious Swan
06. Time
07. Rebecka

Run Time: 43:00
Release Date: October 21, 2016

Check out the song “Umbrella”