It’s hard to believe that the softcore giant that is Jimmy Eat World has been producing music since 1994, amassing an impressive following over the past two decades of tunes and tours. It seems like just yesterday we were excitedly awaiting the release of Futures, yet here we are—2016 and waiting on JEW album #9!

As a testament to their seemingly immortal nature, the pop-rock legends of Jimmy Eat World have returned with Integrity Blues, their ninth full-length album to-date and – more importantly – your much-needed dose of nostalgia, just in time for fall! Boasting the same catchy hooks and radio-ready melodies we’ve grown accustomed to, Integrity Blues is everything you would expect from a JEW release, but with a few surprises.

Let’s start with the obvious stand out track, “Pass the Baby”. “Pass the Baby” is a total plot twist; an unexpected turn from the alt-rock, classic JEW sound to a more haunting electronic anthem—reminiscent of “Drugs or Me (Styrofoam Remix)” from their 2005 EP Stay On My Side Tonight. After three and a half minutes of ambient guitar over brooding synth, “Pass the Baby” transitions into a snarling guitar outro, leaving the listener somewhat astonished by the abrupt shift (yet strangely fitting) and subsequent closing. It’s easily an instant favorite track – I had to resist the urge to put it on repeat after the first listen, which rarely happens.

“Through” and “Pretty Grids” are also incredibly catchy, along with “Sure and Certain”, “You Are Free”, and “Get Right” (the three video singles released first from Integrity Blues). The title track, “Integrity Blues,” is an orchestral anthem, with emotionally-raw lyrics woven over a melody comprised mostly of strings (violin, cello, etc). “Integrity Blues” is just another example of the many hidden gems buried in this (admittedly short) eleven-track release. For example, in songs like “It Matters”, you’ll hear keyboards and synth peeking through the expected guitar to give a depth not seen in earlier JEW releases. It’s easy to note the growth of JEW’s sound over the years, as evidenced by their subtle experimentation with strings and synth throughout Integrity Blues and other more recent albums.

All in all, Integrity Blues is a solid release from Jimmy Eat World, one that will definitely please fans old and new. If you’re looking for groundbreaking, this isn’t it. But if you’re seeking that nostalgic, early 2000’s feel, look no further: Integrity Blues is your answer.

Integrity Blues Track Listing:

01. You With Me
02. Sure and Certain
03. It Matters
04. Pretty Grids
05. Pass The Baby
06. Get Right
07. You Are Free
08. The End Is Beautiful
09. Through
10. Integrity Blues
11. Pol Roger

Run Time: 46:39
Release Date: October 21, 2016

Check out “Sure and Certain”