If badassery ever had a quintessential anthem, it might sound like the opening riffs of BrokenRail’s self-titled EP, due out on November 25th. The Birmingham rockers come out swinging with “Memory,” which boasts a heavy guitar peppered with rapid-fire drumming and punchy vocals. Despite its catchy swagger, it soon relaxes into a repetitive state of cruise control.

“Walk Again” offers a mature balance of aggressive verse and bridge sections with melodic, radio-friendly choruses, all while showcasing the impressive diversity of Blake Clawson’s vocals. Closer “Save Me” is a fitting final addition to the compact EP, a song of mini crescendos among vocals, drums, guitar, and bass.

Fans of hard rockers like Alter Bridge and Staind will surely gravitate toward BrokenRail. To my ears, their songs are quality but also very predictable, failing to surprise the listener with a unique X-Factor. While their approach to the genre may be nothing new, their talent is clear, and they are an exciting group to keep an eye on.

BrokenRail Track Listing:

01. Memory
02. Walk Again
03. Save Me

Run Time: 10:43
Release Date: November 25, 2016

Check out the song “Walk Again”