What do you get if you cross Cannibal Corpse with Killswitch Engage and add in a dash of The Black Dahlia Murder? Well, what you get is something that sounds a lot like Serpentine Dominion. Featuring Cannibal Corpse’s gargantuan George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher on vocals, Adam D. of Killswitch on guitars and Shannon Lucas (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder) on drums, you could even go as far as labelling Serpentine Dominion an extreme metal supergroup – if such a thing even exists – and their debut album sounds exactly as you would expect it to.

Taking the best bits of each band then moulding it into something quite savage, the whole thing gels together into one gloriously vicious end product. Having already given fans a taster of what to expect with the track “Vengeance In Me”, Serpetine Dominion set about their business with the kind of slick delivery you have come to expect from the individual musicians involved.

You’ve got the precise ferocity employed by Cannibal Corpse, the guttural roars from Corpsegrinder, the melodies and cleans employed by Adam D during his day job with Killswitch and the groove and grind of The Black Dahlia Murder. If you’re an extreme metal fan it doesn’t get much better than this. Although, by taking the blunt force approach employed by Cannibal Corpse, the band batter through the likes of “Sovereign Hate” with minimum fuss resulting in the whole album ending in just over twenty six minutes.

Music like this comes easy to the individuals involved, with their combined back catalogue producing some of the most glorious moments in modern and extreme metal, so the quality was never going to be in doubt. If you’re expecting a scene changer then you might be disappointed but, if you’re looking for a simple, fun, blast of brutality, Serpentine Dominion will certainly provide you with that fix.

Serpentine Dominion Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. The Vengeance in Me
03. Vanquished Unto Thee
04. Divide, Conquer, Burn, and Destroy
05. Sovereign Hate
06. On the Brink of Devastation
07. Jagged Cross Legions
08. Prelude
09. This Endless War

Run Time: 26:47
Release Date: October 28, 2016

Check out the track “The Vengeance In Me”

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