I first caught wind of Polyptych in 2012 after I attended Maryland Deathfest that year. Either someone handed me one of their CDs or I ended grabbing one that was left with all the free shit the people were giving away. Apparently, I consumed too many Yuenglings and/or “Natty Bohs” because I don’t remember which it was at this point.

After I returned home from the fest, I was going through loot scores and popped their CD in to have something to listen to while I was determining what schwag I was going to wear first when I returned to work. My initial impression of Polyptych was that it was great progressive death metal. I also wondered why they weren’t signed to a label. The CD was in regular rotation in my vehicle for little while and then I kind of forgot about them… until now….

Well, there’s good news, I’m reviewing Polyptych’s 3rd full-length effort, Defying the Metastasis, which is going to be released via Blood Harvest Records in October. A little Google research told me that it was previously-released by the band in May, but it appears that Polyptych found a home in Blood Harvest. Polyptych has obviously been working their tail off and it’s paid dividends. Congratulations, guys!

As far as the music is concerned, it’s the same as I remember them from the CD I own; great progressive death metal. The production is crisp and every instrument is audible, even the bass! They tend to lean on the dissonant chords sometimes, but I’m OK with that. There are also some parts that remind me of Gorguts while others that have a Gojira feel to them, nothing wrong with that either. Polyptych really put their best foot forward for their debut on Blood Harvest, and die-hard death metal fans should take heed and give them a listen.

Defying the Metastasis Track Listing:

01. Silent Discord
02. Scars of the Modern Age
03. Windswept Fragments
04. Feral Mind, Abstract Tomb
05. The Decadent’s Mirror
06. Echoes
07. Crimson Halls
08. Lexicon of Oppression
09. Coalescence
10. Triumph of the Swine
11. Defying the Metastasis

Run Time: 56:05
Release Date: October 14, 2016

Check out the track “Feral Mind, Abstract Tomb”