Brooklyn-based metal band, Life of Agony, have been tearing up the music scene since 1989. They’ve released four studio albums, and are set to release their fifth entitled, A Place Where There’s No More Pain, sometime in the near future. And, if you ever wonder what musicians do while not on the road, well, bassist Alan Robert creates graphic comics and coloring books. Yes, you read right, comics and coloring books.

How metal is that? Very fucking metal in my opinion! Especially a horror-themed coloring book. I’ve seen it, and it is not for the faint of heart.

It is ghoulish yet gorgeous, sinister but with a sensual sensation, creepy and cool, sadistic yet stunning; it is morbid but it is no doubt a masterpiece of beautiful brutality. There are so many words to describe the upcoming, first-ever horror themed adult coloring book created by Life of Agony’s, Alan Robert. And if you are into anomalous art, then I believe you’ll be a fan of, The Beauty of Horror (But it here on Amazon or Barnes & Noble).

The coloring book features terrifying scenes that jump out of the page; it has a strong creepy factor to it, but, as I stated before, it is beautifully done, and extremely creative.

I know you’re probably thinking, I am an adult, why on earth would I want a coloring book? Well, if you are a fan of gore and horror, and things that go bump in the night, this would be a great conversational piece to have – a must-have for collectors of hair-raising oddities. Two thumbs up to Alan Robert for this really cool collector’s item!

Written by: Alan Robert
Format/Length: 80 pages
Publisher: IDW Publishing; Clr Csm edition (October 4, 2016)

Check out the “The Beauty of Horror” trailer