All-female metal band Conquer Divide released their 10-track self-titled, Artery Recordings debut on July 24th (purchase your copy here) and are currently hard at work, promoting said release. The ladies, not ones for stereotypes or shyness, play some hard, in-your-face metal/post-hardcore which you’ve gotta hear. Recently, the band’s clean vocalist Kiarely (Kia for short) checked in and shared with us her TOP 10 essential tour items!

10. Fanny Pack
– Stylish, and convenient. Keep all your important belongings on you at all times – even on stage!! Did I mention STYLISH!?

09. Portable Phone Charger
– Surprise, surprise, social media apps eat up a LOT of your battery life.

08. Headphones / Eye Mask
– Have you ever tried falling asleep in broad daylight with 5 other girls who are WIDE AWAKE??

07. Bag O’ Snacks
– Boredom eating is serious, especially during a 15 hour drive…or a 30 minute drive.

06. Coolant
– Because Bertha (our van) is a hot bitch and sometimes she just needs to chill out.

05. Makeup
– We did NOT wake up like this.

04. Baby Wipes
– You know why….

03. Gym Membership
– Even though technically we don’t use the gym. Just the shower.

02. Vitamins
– Seriously, the plague is REAL.

01. Weave/Dry Shampoo/Hairspray
– Because you always need your hair to be on point!!!

Check out the song “What’s Left Inside”

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