artery recordings


Last year Columbus, Ohio metalcore act The Crimson Armada were sentenced to create a follow-up to their Metal Blade Records release, Guardians. Through their time in musical incarceration, the band wrote and recorded their sophomore effort and Artery Recordings debut, Conviction. The disc consists of 11 rad tracks which see the band switch between thrashy riffs and dirty breakdowns. Occasionally they also bring in some simple piano giving the music a more mature sound and helping them to stand out amongst others.

After having a major rager in 2010 Attila are back and in deep trouble with their new album Outlawed. With a bit of a line-up change the boys are ready to breakdown, get fucked and party harder than ever. 10 tracks of hardcore drinking anthems? I love it!

Is this the future? Oh wait, my bad, it’s just Robots, the first full-length from Casino Madrid. San Diego, CA’s six piece mixes electronic and hardcore to create their futuristic sound and nothing better exemplifies this than the intro track “Robots”; it boots up and goes into electronic breakdown mode, instantly pumping up the listener.

Boston, MA band Vanna have been blowing up the hardcore scene ever since their second full-length, A New Hope, came out. Thanks in large to this album the group had a tight touring schedule and began to amass a growing following. Now the band is back with a follow up to that highly popular release, And They Came Baring Bones, out via Artery Recordings.

Attila’s new album ‘Outlawed’ (Artery Recordings / Razor & Tie), is now available both in stores and on all digital service providers. Download the album now from iTunes HERE. ‘Outlawed’ reached the #3 spot on the iTunes Top Rock Albums Chart yesterday, right behind Chimaria and in front of new releases from Trivium, Breaking Benjamin and others.