Ahhh yes, Crobot. The dirty, groove rock band from Pottsville, PA that are so infectious no lover or rock can ignore their sweet sounds! The foursome recently announced that on September 23rd via Wind-up Records, they’ll be releasing their eagerly-anticipated new album, Welcome To Fat City. Moreover, on June 10th, we heard a first preview of the new material via the single “Not for Sale”. …And today, well, today the band celebrate all things “fat” by unveiling their TOP 10 places they’ve eaten while on the road (in no particular order).

10. Goody Goody Omelet House (Wilmington, SC)
– This tiny little diner literally whips up (with a milkshake blender) the best damn omelet I’ve ever had. The whipping action turns a standard omelet into a scrumptiously fluffy cloud of egg that rains bacon and cheese, or whatever you decide to stuff it with.

09. La Barbecue (Austin, TX)
– I watched a hunk of brisket jiggle like jello after it was dropped onto the cutting board at this place, and I’ve been in love ever since. Outstanding barbecue served out of a small stand on Chavez St. in East Austin.

08. Jack-n-Grill (Denver, CO)
– A logical person might think that a state with legalized marijuana would have some ridiculously awesome eateries. They would be correct. Jack-n-Grill has burgers that are bigger than your face, and burritos the size of babies. Literally.

07. Cowboy Cafe (Roswell, NM)
– If you’re ever driving and look around, and realize you’re in Roswell; don’t worry. There aren’t any aliens. But there is a refreshingly down-to-earth diner/cafe featuring classic diner eats with a southwest twist. If it’s your birthday, they will bring you a piece of chocolate cake!! Yum!

06. Burrito King (Los Angeles, CA)
– This burrito place is located on Sunset in the Echo Park/Silver Lake area. Let’s be honest, there’s a ton of amazing burrito places in L.A. but this place is called Burrito KING… and it was the first burrito place I found when I was hungover after my first night in L.A. The chorizo saved me!

05. The North Western (Milton-Keynes, UK)
– I had to include this lovely little pub, located just down the road from the Craufurd Arms rock club, because it is a perfect tour stop whilst abroad. This place serves up extremely affordable classic British pub fare. Highly recommend the steak and ale pie.

04. Culver’s Restaurant (Midwestish, USA)
– I actually hate eating fast food. It makes me feel like a pile of crap. I’m also lactose intolerant. None of this stops me from eating Culver’s fried cheese curd by the handful. I’m pretty sure I have a problem.

03. Smorgasburg (Brooklyn, NY)
– This is a weekly food market set up at the East River State Park during the summer. Local food vendors serve up everything from ramen burgers, mofongo, fish and chips, and even green tea banana pudding. Good luck deciding what to eat… but definitely try the pudding. It’s soooo good!

02. La Carreta Mexican Restaurant (Kingsport, TN)
– Whenever we get a rare day off in East Tennessee, we try and visit Bishop’s Mama and go to dinner. This is our go-to joint. Good food, good margaritas, and cheap beer. Need I say more?

01. Q&Z Expo Center (Ringle, WI)
– I need to give a big shout out to Peggy, one of my favorite people, because she not only runs a topnotch venue with Q&Z, but she also makes the best pot roast I’ve ever had. It’s so tender you could literally eat it with a plastic spoon.

Check out the song “Not For Sale”


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