What was meant to be a rainy evening turned into the perfect, chilled outdoor event when Alabama Shakes played Festival Lawn at Deer Lake Park on May 28th. Certainly one of the more picturesque areas in the greater Vancouver area, Festival Lawn at Deer Lake Park is surrounded by trees and lined by Deer Lake making for a dazzling backdrop.

Every time I leave an Alabama Shakes show I feel the same way; with a renewed sense of appreciation for music. Brittany Howard, sounding like a refined Janis Joplin, fronts the Shakes with unparalleled passion and tact. Alabama Shakes play the kind of of gospel-infused boogie rock that you feel throughout your body. It’s apparent that you are experiencing something special when you look through the crowd – ranging from babies to grandparents – and everyone is smiling and dancing.

The group released their second studio album Sound & Color in April 2015. When Brittany Howard’s mouth opens, magic comes out. And, while she is a force to be reckoned with all on her own, the other members of Alabama Shakes, including back up singers, are also phenomenal. The many facets of an Alabama Shakes live performance include countless instruments, and the devotion that lately seems reserved for up-and-comers.

Alabama Shakes should be seen by everyone at least once in their lives, for it is truly an incendiary experience.


Danica Bansie is a music supervisor by day, writer and live music photographer by night, and arts & culture obsessed all the moments in between. You can find her with headphones on in Vancouver, Canada.