Detroit’s Equal Vision Records rockers, We Came As Romans, hit NYC’s Gramercy Theater on April 23rd, 2016 and we were there to chat with singer Dave Stephens. In this interview we asked Dave for a story for our “Tales of Touring Terror” segment and he shared this gnarly travel story. You’ve for sure got to think when planning out long-distance travel!

On their new self-titled album, We Came As Romans confidently shows off a newfound sense of maturity, camaraderie, depth, and a balanced understanding of the world around them, through the intense juxtaposition of the beauty and harsh injustices of growing up and experiencing life for all that it is. We Came As Romans has not only found themselves on the new album, but they’ve found each other and have banded together to take on the world around them – with a massive and dedicated army of fans in tow.