It’s easy to lump all female-fronted rock bands in with Paramore (for the poppier bands) or Halestorm (for those with a bit more edge) and while the grittier tones of Unbreakable sit nearer towards the Halestorm end of the rock spectrum, the American hard rockers aren’t the first band to come to mind as the thumping sounds of Unbreakable pound out at you.

Fronted by the powerful Becky Roberts, the Manchester-based outfit certainly share a similarity or two with fellow Brits Bullet For My Valentine in so much as they both pack their songs full of big, galloping riffs as the Mancunians demonstrate perfectly on album opener and title track, “Unbreakable”. Described as the UK’s answer to Halestorm, One Last Run certainly have the knack of writing booming rock songs capable of shaking the foundations to the very core with Unbreakable packed full of rock bangers like “Reckless” and “Creatures Of The Night”.

As with many British bands of this nature, One Last Run just sound dirtier, harder and tougher with the material on Unbreakable with, for example, “Rise (Or Fall)” having something of a darker air about it. It’s a direction captured perfectly in Roberts’ vocal rage which is certainly powerful enough to match the music’s power.

One thing niggles me throughout Unbreakable though, and that’s the fact that the album seems to really lack that one absolutely stand-out tune. Don’t get me wrong, Unbreakable is full of solid songs and they’re ones that will guarantee you one hell of a night in one of the many dark, damp venues littered across the UK. However, at the moment, it’s also missing that one song to leave the UK rock scene in a heap of rubble.

Track Listing

01. Unbreakable
02. Casanova
03. Creatures Of The Night
04. Tell Me
05. Reckless
06. All You Need To Know
07. Run And Hide
08. Rise (Or Fall)
09. Addiction
10. Given Up

Run Time: 38:02
Release Date: May 6, 2016

Check out the track “Unbreakable”


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