Multinational melodic metal band Eden’s Curse have released the song “Unbreakable”, from their fourth studio album Symphony Of Sin, and made it available to stream for free – listen just above! The album artwork was created again by another of the groups long term collaborators, Thomas Ewerhard (Edguy, Avantasia, Jorn) and marks the return of a familar face in “Eve” who graced the bands debut album cover.

I recently spoke with Hugo Andrade, vocalist for the Portuguese metal band Switchtense, about their new, self-titled release. The band lays down a continuous, blistering attack of guitars and thunderous drums that will have your neck snapping in no time at all. This is a band that’s looking to cement themselves firmly in the metal scene by proving their passion and capabilities for writing serious thrash music. Here’s what Hugo had to say about the band and their newest release.