The underground scene in the UK is full of bands who, for one reason or another, don’t get the credit they deserve. Listening to Impasse from Glaswegian metallers Blackwork, it would be an absolute travesty if this collection of bleak-sounding technical metal goes unheard outside the fleapits of the Glasgow metal scene. From the throaty roars of frontman Josh Graham, to the groove, razor-sharp grind provided by guitarists Greig Cunningham and Chris Dunn, tracks like “Filthist” show a lot of promise.

Taking inspiration from a slew of great metal bands from Lamb Of God to Slayer to Sylosis, there is clearly plenty to get excited about listening to the rawness on show within Impasse. Sure, it needs a little fine-tuning and there are times when the material loses direction but then, as it all falls into place again on “Rust”, you can forgive them for some of the weaker moments because there are many moments on this brief introduction to the band to indicate that, with a bit of time and effort, these Glaswegians could certainly deliver what this EP shows they are capable of.

Track Listing:

01. Alias
02. Filthist
03. Unguided
04. Rust
05. Impasse

Run Time: 24:10
Release Date: March 25, 2016

Check out the video for “Alias”.

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