American-based pop punk outfit Light Years ended 2015 on a high with their album I’ll See You When I See You; and it actually is a rather enjoyable outing, although perhaps a little generic. That being said, all the elements are present that fans of the pop punk genre will love.

I’ll See You When I See You starts strong with “Are You Sure,” a simple yet delightful burst of tight guitar riffs, basic bass lines and a drum beat that holds the sound together nicely all of which is topped off by vocalist Pat Kennedy’s lyrics which seamlessly fit the song. Following on is one of the album’s stand out tracks “Rearview,” a tune all about looking back on life and contemplating its highs and lows.

As an album, I find I’ll See You When I See You both a blessing and a curse rolled into one: whilst I can’t say there is anything I dislike about it, there are only a few songs which stand out from the 13-track crowd. “The Summer She Broke My Heart” is another tune which grabbed my attention, and not because of the song’s subject matter (there are millions of songs out there that deal with heartbreak), but rather it was the catchy music backing up the lyrics which peaked my interest. Sadly, the album dwindles and, from start to finish, looses some momentum, though it it’s not a big loss of momentum.

As aforementioned, I don’t have anything seriously bad to say about I’ll See You When I See You. It really is an enjoyable listen albeit just a little generic. Some tunes have made it onto some of my permanent playlists and I do look forward to seeing where Pat Kennedy and crew go from here. Of course, I don’t expect them to hit the status of titans such as Green Day and The Offspring, but I can see them having a great career.

Track Listing:

01. Are You Sure
02. Rearview
03. Living In Hell
04. Accidents
05. The Summer She Broke My Heart
06. Cracks On The Ceiling
07. So Sorry
08. Let You Down
09. I Can’t Relate
10. Empty Rooms
11. Lost Grounds
12. Funeral
13. I Wish I Could

Run Time: 42:23
Release Date: November 13, 2015

Check out the album ‘I’ll See You When I See You’ here.