Zephyr may only be a fledgling band on the UK metal scene but listening to their debut EP, An Odyssey For The Living, it’s hard to believe that they’re still finding their feet, such is the maturity and quality that seeps through on this five-track offering.

Built around a spine of abrasive metalcore as favoured by bands like While She Sleeps, you will find there is so much more depth to the sound as you start to investigate beyond the brutal riffing of tracks like “Familiar Spirit”. Possessing an almost psychedelic twist, the band pepper their jagged, jarring riffing with some seriously hypnotic atmospherics. Blending it altogether with some delicious melodies and some equally mesmerizing ambience, frontman Cameron Alexander Thomson couldn’t have summed up the Zephyr sound more perfectly during “Little Lamplight” when he growls the lyric “a cavalcade of emotions”. Four words – one statement – one superb description of this stunning sound.

Very rarely does a new band come along and sound so complete and flawless but, listening to An Odyssey For The Living that is exactly what you get with Zephyr. Where they go from here with their music is going to be an incredible journey.

Track Listing:

01. Familiar Spirit
02. Little Lamplight
03. Cloud Spires
04. Gemini
05. Black Luster

Run Time: 21:13
Release Date: October 9, 2015

Check out the album ‘An Odyssey For The Living’ here.


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