There are few albums that should be played in order, from beginning to end, and Halestorm’s latest release, Into The Wild Life, has joined that rare list! Instead of compiling a CD with several impressive tracks, Halestorm produced an album where each song compliments the next. Cleverly mixed in, each track blends together for an hour of effortless listening. Simply kick back, press play and rock out!

Into The Wild Life opens with “Scream,” a typical piece that embodies the sound Halestorm’s fans know and love. Quickly transitioning into “I Am The Fire,” this song displays front woman Lzzy Hale’s growls and inspiring lyrics. Another element that truly makes this album great is the progression Halestorm continues to demonstrate: Compared to previous albums, musically Into The Wild Life sounds more mature. Hale’s vocals sound better then ever as she belts out some more intimate songs (“Bad Girls World” and “Dear Daughter”). Additionally, tracks like “Jump The Gun” showcase drummer Arejay Hale’s prominent drum beats; they help to carry the song and give fans a tune they can’t help but clap along to.

If pressed to pick a favorite song off the album, I’d no doubt choose “Apocalyptic.” With edgy lyrics throughout (“I wear my nine-inch heels when we go to bed / I paint the color of my lips blood red”), blasting this in my car has never been so much fun. Whether you are a longtime fan or just discovering them, Into The Wild Life is a fantastic Halestorm album to pick up; it has a little something for everyone.

Track Listing:

01. Scream
02. I Am The Fire
03. Sick Individual
04. Amen
05. Dear Daughter
06. New Modern Love
07. Mayhem
08. Bad Girl’s World
09. Gonna Get Mine
10. The Reckoning
11. Apocalyptic
12. What Sober Couldn’t Say
13. I Like It Heavy
Bonus Tracks:
14. Jump The Gun
15. Unapologetic

Run Time: 56:00
Release Date: April 3, 2015

Check out the song “Amen” here.