Polish black metallers Outre recently released their debut album, Ghost Chants. The haunting and winding 35-minute work engulfs the senses in a hair-raising time warp of keenly executed noise; in their first offering, Outre successfully emanates the uncomfortable and creeping beauty that defines European black metal. Naturally we wanted to chat with the band, so we grabbed some time with bassist Marcin Radecki and swapped stories of alcohol-fueled adventures, and got a taste of what may have served as some creative inspiration behind Ghost Chants. If you get a chance to see Outre live, we hope you share a tall glass of Chivas Regal with this fine bassist and whiskey connoisseur.

Favorite drinking game?
Radecki: “Question or shot,” you answer any question being asked or drink a clear vodka shot. Last man standing on both legs wins.

Tell me about your 18th birthday? (When you became legally allowed to drink)
Radecki: It was so good that I don’t even remember my 18th birthday. And it was not the first time.

Preferred drink, if you had to put it down on a rider for the whole band!
Radecki: Chivas Regal!

If you could define yourself with any type of drink, what beverage would you be?
Radecki: Chivas Regal!

What’s the worst (or best) bar you’ve ever gone drinking to?
Radecki: Some gay bar that we got to at some “let’s go to town and get wasted” party. It was the first gay bar I’ve ever attended and definitely the last one.

If the world was coming to an end what would be your drink of choice to watch it all burn?
Radecki: Chivas Regal!

Best drink to get you annihilated?
Radecki: Everything except beer.

A fan asks to buy you a drink in a bar, what do you choose?
Radecki: Chivas Regal!

What do you think about kids soaking tampons in alcohol then inserting them up their ass to get drunk?
Radecki: I wish to stick these tampons so deep up their asses that only surgery could help them.

What are your thoughts on drinking before or while performing?
Radecki: Everything depends on who drinks. I don’t mind to have a beer or three before the performance as I’m sure I would not fail the gig then.

When was the first time you ever drank, what happened?
Radecki: I was so drunk that I don’t remember, I just woke up in my bed, in my own house and after that I was grounded for a very long time.

Check out the album ‘Ghost Chants’ here.