Diesel King have been pummelling the London underground scene for a few years now, and if you were lucky enough to catch them at Bloodstock Open Air a couple of years ago, or managed to pick up any of their EPs, you will know all about their unique take on the Sludge/Doom genre.

Thankfully, none of those brutal, sludgey grooves have been watered down for the band’s debut, Concrete Burial. In fact, thirty seconds into opening track “Brainhammer” and you’re listening to one of the brutalist riffs the band has ever written, well, until the title tracks starts a couple of songs later and your face is well and truly kicked off. The rest of the album follows in much the same vein, but doesn’t once get tiresome, due in large to some outstanding songwriting and Mark O’Regan’s punishing vocals.

You might argue that at under thirty minutes in length Concrete Burial is a little short, but I actually think that works in the band’s favour. It’s twenty-eight minutes of vicious Sludge that has the ability to break your neck and still leave you wanting more.

Track Listing:

01. Brainhammer
02. Inferis
03. Concrete Burial
04. Horror Diguest
05. Facesplitter
06. Mask Of The Leper
07. Prone To Destroy
08. The Mutilation

Run Time: 28:24
Release Date: February 2, 2015

Check out the album ‘Concrete Burial’