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“One Is Too Many?” Come on, one is never too many, unless we’re talking about our latest free song download for Delta Rose’s sick new track! Drawing on inspiration from some of the best of the ’70s like ZZ Top and Van Halen (definitely not Van Hagar), Delta Rose is a young, energetic blues-laced rock band from Rosemead, California. The band has been playing together since 2007 and all met at Rosemead High School, hopefully not in the gym class change room though. Soon after forming, they started to play live whenever and wherever, including parties, street festivals, small clubs and bars, basically wherever they’d be taken in.

The band just released their the album Golden last month and believe me, this is no amateur offering! It was produced by Isaac Hasson, mastered by Howie Weinberg, and has the great Dizzy Reed from Guns n’ Roses playing on a track and co-writing a couple others. Holy fuck! This is a band with some serious talent and credibility, so check them out!