The Black Lantern’s self-released We Know The Future is for anyone who digs a solid punk album. What makes this release even better is that it is female-fronted, ’cause let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bad bitch? I know I do, and Wendy Faraone is just the girl.

We Know The Future doesn’t disappoint, each track is dripping with dirty, classic punk allowing The Black Lantern to easily stand up against OG acts like The Slits, X-ray Spex, and the like. The raw, guttural riffs coming from Andy Prickett’s guitar and Russell Crain’s bass keep the anger alive throughout the album, as if the lyrics weren’t pissed off enough. Additionally, Jesse Nason’s jumpy drumming will keep any listener punking around!

We Know The Future doesn’t let up; it’s angry and truly punk until the bitter end. The Black Lantern have made pissed-off and kicked-out look and sound cool again. This is definitely the kind of release you’ll want to throw on if you’re feeling nostalgic for that classic punk sound.

“What you waiting for?” Faroane would like to know…. Get out there and grab this album! Throw it on repeat, put it on to impress your friends with your wayward punk side they maybe haven’t seen, dance a little, dance a lot, get wild. It’s punk, there are no rules… except turn up the volume!

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Track Listing:

01. A Black Light
02. I Know You Don’t Know
03. 5 Alarm
04. Bleed It Out
05. On Your Knees
06. Anthropomancy
07. Helicopter
08. Everything Is Nothing
09. New Drug
10. Bombs Away
11. Devolution

Run Time: 33:42
Release Date: October 28, 2014

Check out the song “A Black Light”