Misery Kills hail from New York so it comes as no surprise that the tunes battering out of their new album, My Ugly Insides, sound exactly how you would expect a band from one of the most influential hardcore scenes of the last thirty years to sound. Formerly known simply as Misery, Misery Kills dish out a harsh, bruising lesson in New York hardcore on My Ugly Insides, the first offering under their new name.

Citing New York hardcore heavyweights like Madball and Sick Of It All as influences, Misery Kills wear those influences proudly on their sleeves in this Joey Z (Life Of Agony, Stereomud) produced new offering. Songs like new single “13 Miles” are straight to the point, in-your-face metallic hardcore outbursts that may not reek of originality but, should you cut them down the middle, you’d find they have that New York hardcore attitude pulsing right through their veins. Then again, the New York hardcore scene that we all grew up loving has undeniably spawned some truly great bands over the years so it comes as no surprise that My Ugly Insides doesn’t sound a million miles away from the material thrashed out by the bands who inspire them.

So, as you listen to My Ugly Insides, you might as well put any expectations you have for it to be a real life changer to one side and just embrace the pit-smashing chug of tracks like “White Trash” as you head for the nearest pit to unleash some serious hardcore throwdowns!

Track Listing:

01. Eight Fortysix Thirty
02. Eyes Wide Open
03. Poltroon
04. 13 Miles
05. Last Chance
06. Drama Queen
07. Kills My Day
08. Sick Around You
09. White Trash
10. Give ’em Hell
11. My Ugly Insides

Run Time: 44:28
Release Date: January 20, 2015

Check out the song “13 Miles”


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