I’m sure anyone who keeps tabs on the music world remembers this past Summer when Upon A Burning Body vocalist Danny Leal mysteriously went missing a few days before they were set to embark on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival?

As we learned moments later, this all turned out to be an ill-advised publicity stunt and Leal was never actually in any real danger. This antic certainly did stir the pot, and made fans and haters alike react violently, using social media as their weapon of choice. In hindsight, this move was promotional genius. Hours after this crisis was doctored and promptly averted, UABB dropped their single “Red Razor Wrists.” The fact of the matter is, to have the Internet in shambles over your band, emotions running high, and then to introduce a brand spanking new single is brilliant because, even though the world is upset/disappointed/shocked/confused at you—they will probably still listen to your single!

Turns out “Red Razor Wrists” was so solid fans quickly got over their crude promotional incident. Their full-length album The World Is My Enemy Now followed suit.

Although their actions speak loudly, Upon A Burning Body is actually a fairly simple band. They brand themselves as Mexican gangsters from Texas, and this could not be better reflected in everything that they do, eccentric publicity stunts included. The track “Middle Finger To The World” perfectly exemplifies their outlook, on stage and off. And let’s face it, what’s more metal than an attitude like that?

The band also is incredibly proud of their heritage and culture, and this new album is not the first to feature a beautiful instrumental track with Latino nuances like “A Toda Madrè ò un Desmadrè”. In terms of look, UABB asserts sharp mobster swag, which is both impressive and slightly unnerving. Rocking matching full suits on stage, even at outdoor summer festivals, and cramped indoor venues (I’ve seen them 3 times in the past year, don’t judge), this band stays classy and tasteful, persevering through perspiration.

When discussing the band Upon A Burning Body, one key aspect is not to be overlooked. If you have the pleasure of seeing them live, or even listening to one of their records, you have got to know that these boys hail from San Antonio, Texas and it is evident in every element of their being and their music. And what do we all know about the Lone Star State? EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas!

Check out the song “Red Razor Wrists”