Modern Vintage is the third album from Sixx:A.M., a band formed initially as a side project for rock ‘n roll bad boy Nikki Sixx, better known as the bassist with rock heavyweights Motley Crue. With his day job currently working towards one last paycheck, it would appear that Sixx:A.M. is now a serious concern for the rock bassist and, listening to the material on Modern Vintage, it would also seem that they’ve certainly got what it takes to stand on their own two feet in the modern rock scene.

Obviously the Sixx connection is going to stand them in fair stead although, looking at Joey Jordison’s post Slipknot projects, being a name in the rock scene doesn’t always count for shit these days. Still, you only need to listen to the pounding rock of “Relief” or the almost Darkness/Queen-esque “Gotta Get It Right” to see that Sixx is backing it up with a serious set of impressive rock songs.

Originally starting out as a project to back up Sixx’s written work, Sixx:A.M. now features frontman James Michael and Guns n’ Roses’ DJ Ashba alongside Sixx and, whereas previous material saw Sixx head down a darker route, the material on Modern Vintage certainly seems to see the band head in a more upbeat direction. Just a quick listen to opener “Stars” and “Gimme A Love” will have you discovering big, upbeat rockers and they’re joined further down the track by the massive “Hyperventilate.”

While the addition of DJ Ashba’s wizardy gives a modern edge to the Sixx:A.M. sound, the more you listen to Modern Vintage the more obvious it is that underneath it all, Nikki Sixx clearly hasn’t lost the urge to write big rock songs which, let’s face it, is bread n’ butter stuff to a man who has spent the last 30-odd years writing some of the biggest rock anthems around.

Track Listing:

01. Stars
02. Gotta Get It Right
03. Relief
04. Get Ya Some
05. Let’s Go
06. Drive
07. Give Me Love
08. High On The Music
09. Hyperventilate
10. Miracle
11. Before It’s Over

Run Time: 45:41
Release Date: October 7, 2014

Check out the song “Stars”


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