Suicide Silence’s Eddie Hermida knew he had to bring a lot to the table when taking over as the band’s vocalist after Mitch Lucker’s unexpected death. There’s an old saying that a group simply can’t survive the death of its vocalist, cue You Can’t Stop Us, Suicide Silence’s first release since the Mitch’s passing. Found in one of Mitch’s iPads, the repetition of the lyrics “you can’t stop us,” quickly became the only option for an album title, “the whole record is supposed to make people feel like ‘hey, I’m going to get up, I’m going to make today my bitch.'”

Keeping the Suicide Silence sound was important to Eddie, not only as a tribute to Mitch, and where the band had come from, but also so long-time fans of the band could still feel a connection to Mitch, “whether it be with high pitch screams, or with the lows,” it was a top priority for Eddie. While most old and new fans have been supportive of the change and the continuation of Suicide Silence, some have been less accommodating, requesting a name change, saying it will never be the same, “we see those people as reasons behind the record, You Can’t Stop Us.”

Writing You Can’t Stop Us flowed easily, Eddie says, with the pain of losing Mitch, all the negative feelings, came out in the music, new ideas were brought to the whiteboard with the header “You Can’t Stop Us,” every day. “A month after we were done I wanted to write another record and I’m still very much on that tip,” Eddie says, but they have some tour plans for the Fall through the States. The tour has Canadian stops in Montreal and Toronto in October, “the crowds there are insane!” Keep it up, Canada. Bring on the metal!

Check out the album ‘You Can’t Stop Me’