1986 is a bit of an unusual album, and Jesus Cröst are a bit of an unusual band; the recording is described by their PR company as “a mix between Slamming Brutal Death Metal and Power Violence,” which is a bit of an odd combo if you ask me. It’s an apt enough description, but in reality it doesn’t do the band justice.

While most power violence bands focus on short bursts of aggression to the detriment of everything else, Jesus Cröst at times also manage to put some melody into the mix. Sure, it’s just brief snippets of melody, but it’s enough to make the band stand out in the power violence crowd.

I have to admit that, despite the fact that I usually don’t like power violance or slam, I quite liked 1986. The songs are short and to the point, and above all, they are really awesome. Ignore the album’s silly cover and take a listen to 1986, you’ll be glad you did.

Track Listing:

01. Rinat Dasaev
02. Roberto Falcao
03. John Fashanu
04. Marco Tardelli
05. Thomas Skuhravy
06. Horst Hrubesch
07. Emilio Butragueno
08. Enzo Francescoli
09. Carlos Valderrama
10. Oleg Protasov
11.Jorge Burruchaga
12. Jose Chilavert
13. Andres Escobar
14. Toni Polster
15. Hidetoshi Nakata
16. Claudio Caniggia
17. Francesco Totti
18. Paulo Futre
19. Zbigniew Boniek
20. Nicolas Foubert
21. Jozsef Kiprich
22. Didier Drogba

Run Time:
Release Date: July 3, 2014

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