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We are pleased to offer you a free download of Deadye Dick’s latest track, “Statues!” “Statues” is a lyrical insight into how the urban environment constricts the development of the individual. Wow, that’s pretty deep! The song was recorded by Marius Costache at Next Dog Studio in the band’s hometown of Bucharest, Romania while they got their long time friend and very talented visual artist Dragos Bruma to make the artwork.

The five-piece band known as Deadeye Dick formed around six years ago in Bucharest. Influenced by the likes of H8, nevergoinghome, Coma, Medioacracy, Cap de Craniu, Crize, Coins As Portraits, Breathelast and White Walls, the band is a full-on metal machine. The band’s erratic style is crafted by the way in which each member is influenced by the vagaries of modern living. Their debut Black Stars on a White Sky was released in 2010 and over the years have opened for established acts such as The Ocean, Terror, Death Before Dishonor and Veil of Maya.