The Skinny: Texan’s Giant of the Mountain recently unleashed their new album, Moon Worship, upon the masses. Today, we’re here to give you a stream of the album’s title track! Calling themselves “Blackened Progressive Sludge Death Metal,” the band’s music will appeal to a broad spectrum of metal fans. We are totally stoked to be bringing you a stream of the album’s epic title track – almost 10 minutes of pure headbanging bliss. Crank it up!

The band was created in late 2008 by Cody Daniels and Randi Matejowsky with an idea to form a musical genre unlike any other. Amidst shredding solos, heavy bass lines, odd rhythmic timing, and mind blowing vocals, Giant of the Mountain’s eclectic influences of black metal, progressive, death metal, and stoner/doom metal come together to create an alluring and enigmatic style.