The Canadian metal act Varga is back with yet another solid offering. Titled Enter The Metal, this new disc boasts a dose of metal that is as heavy and thrashy as it is progressive.

While Enter The Metal has enough crunch and grit to satisfy even the most discriminate of metal enthusiasts, not to mention the thundering drums and big beefy riffs that propel things along at a swift, neck-snapping pace, I feel that it is the progressive elements woven into the fabric of each song that really takes things to the next level – the playing is terrific yet tasteful and never comes across as pretentious or showy.

I find that many bands in the prog/metal genres tend to overdue things a bit, but that is not the case on Enter The Metal. I think Varga have managed to achieve a perfect balance of meat and shred, and all in all, the album is a good listen. This one is definitely worth your time and attention.

Track Listing:

01. Beginning Of The End
02. Gamera
03. Mad Scientist
04. Plane Crash
05. No More Clean Air
06. Shark Attack

Run Time: 40:01
Release Date: October 30, 2013

Check out the song “Gamera”