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Strike to Survive is a five-piece alternative hardcore punk band that comes highly recommended for those into groups such as Comadre, Ruiner, and The Bronx. Tight, punchy, and with the right amount of swagger, the free download of the band’s song “Dead Reckoning” should not only get you amped up, but also provide a perfect idea of what to expect on their latest album (and first LP) Yesterday’s News, out June 25, 2013.

According to the band’s bio, the new full-length album: “[was] recorded by Jack Shirley (Joyce Manor, Whirr, Punch) [and] these 11 percussive, bombastic chunks of melodic hardcore are about as direct and incendiary as you could hope for from anything in the genre. What this Northern California group really excels at though is taking brief, interestingly inventive detours along its chosen path of punk-rock destruction. It’s the subtle hints of discord brewing beneath the guitar’s thrashy metallic sheen or the complexity of an unrelenting rhythm section that really makes Yesterday’s News pulse with such an unpredictable, undeniable energy.”


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