If you have read any of my previous reviews then it is no secret that while I have a penchant for heavy, aggressive metal music, every once in a while I stumble upon a traditional rock band that really stands out, catches my attention, and compels me to listen further. Such is the case with Restating the Question, a real honest to goodness unpretentious rock and roll record from the alt rock act The GoAround.

“Make It Loud”, kicks things off with a banjo intro and the following lines sung by Alexander Saddic set the tone for what is to come… “Welcome to the show/it is time for us to play for you and to sing for you too/Come let us know if you like the songs we made for you/we hope that you do.”

Well I do! What follows is a delightful mixture of genres that reminded me a bit of Blind Melon’s first album, it is difficult to categorize but I think it lands somewhere at the intersection of traditional rock, indie and country. There are no bells and whistles here, this is just straight-forward, organic rock and roll that’s a bit raw around the edges, but with lots of melody to balance it all out.

At the end of the day I really dig what The GoAround has done here and I really hope this one gets the recognition it deserves!

Track Listing:

01. Make It Loud
02. When I Hit The Bottom
03. I Ran
04. Her Love Is Like Glass
05. Remedy
06. Fooled
07. Overtaken
08. On Your Shoulders
09. Sunflower Song
10. War
11. You Come Alive
12. Amber Skies

Run Time: 46:33
Release Date: ??:??

Check out the song “I Ran”