Pummelling and propulsive, this Pennsylvanian trio made the best first impression on me since Balance and Composure’s rollicking half of their 2010 split with Tigers Jaw. I’m about ten months late to this party, but in light of an upcoming full-length on Black Numbers, Placeholder’s last release deserves examining.

“Mary” is beast of a track, bristling with aggression and pugnacity; it slams without respite for the best three minutes this EP has to offer. An outing so tight, it’s unholy, the song closes with a jacked up coda and begs for the repeat button. “Tired of Me” and “Calculation” are strong tracks, but other than the latter’s jagged guitar middle-fifth, they take the backseat. “Bright Enough to Shine” makes sure to finish strong, with particularly impressive vocals that surge and wail with violent splutter.

It’s rare that a band can offer a cohesive sound, without relying unevenly on one dynamic, but Placeholder lets the listener search for an elusive singularity while solidity reigns as the band’s greatest offering.

Track Listing:

01. Mary
02. Tired of Me
03. Calculation
04. Bright Enough to Shine

Run Time: 14:18
Release Date: October 16, 2012

Check out the album ‘Thought I Would Have Been Somebody By Now’