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“Caught Up” is part of the long-awaited debut album from The Real, titled Another First Step. It took over a year of recording demos, pre-production, budget tracking sessions, fund raising and favours, but the album has now arrived! Another First Step is a self-produced and independent effort which truly defines the term “hands on.” The band did have a bit of an advantage though, as members Justin and Chris both studied audio engineering and production, and since they had been collaborating on music on and off for the last decade, figured they could try a completely self-produced record. The initial plan was to write and demo thirty songs in their home studio before they even started seeking other musicians to fill out the band.

After a few months, initial song writing was complete which allowed Chris and Justin to really start networking to find band members. Kendra had been a co-worker of Chris’ at a local music school who rounded out the band with her stellar singing and piano playing. With songs and more firm lineup in place, the band set out to test the songs in a live setting. They got a feel for what worked the best and how to improve the arrangements which helped them narrow down a track list. The result of all this work is a ten track effort with songs ranging from seething alternative rock, classic rock and blues along with a few electronic elements. Another First Step is out now and ready to impress audiences wide and far.