Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Sydney Blu. Read up on a lot of interesting things you may not have known about Sydney.

Hello Sydney, nice to have you on MaxMuzik! As this is your first interview with us, let’s start off with a little background. How did you get into music? Please tell us about the beginning of your career as a DJ.
I’ve been into music my entire life. I went to college in Ottawa, Canada and was inspired after going to my first afterhours club. I saw Roger Sanchez 13 years ago and he was amazing. I moved to Toronto, bought Technic 1200’s and taught myself to spin. I practiced until I was good enough to be playing out weekly and I eventually became resident of Guvernment Nightclub and all the top clubs in the Toronto. In 2008 I got signed to Mau5trap Recordings and moved to the US and began touring. I haven’t stopped since!

For our readers who’ve never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words.
Banging, Jacking, Progressive, Techy House

Exclusive inside look on Sydney’s daily life as a regular person.

Can you offer insight into some of your musical inspirations? And who is your favorite artist from Electronic music outside your own specific genre?
I saw Roger Sanchez, Eric Morillo and Danny Tenaglia first. They were the pioneers for me. Danny has always been my favorite. Right now my favorite DJ is probably Eric Prydz. I love his music so much! He has stayed true to himself and that makes him stand out more than ever right now.

You’re releasing your latest mix compilation “Change The Game” this week, how was the experience working on this album like for you?
I wrote 5 songs on the album over the course of the past year. It was hard work, but it’s getting me geared up to write an artist album next. Compiling the records was tough because I had to go through a lot of licensing with Black Hole, but it really turned out great.

Exclusive new track of Sydney’s new compilation album “Change the Game”

What was the most challenging part of the production process of “Change The Game”?
Trying to mesh all the genres I wanted together without it sounding all over the place. It’s hard to do that and you really have to mix things in the right key or it won’t flow. I literally used every genre in this album and I worked hard at making it sound smooth.

How was your experience collaborating with other artists in this album? And who would you like to collaborate with in the near future?
I collaborated with some artists I have worked with before and others new. Working with Betsie Larkin was pretty incredible… she’s such a legend. Damaged Goods, my friend from Miami who’s a resident of Mansion, and Lea Luna, another incredible vocalist. MC Flipside, my friend and another very talented artist. I also look forward to working with Gina Star in the future… We are writing a new track right now. Also Kim Fai, Paul Thomas and Spybar Chicago resident Kalendr.

Sydney Blu’s latest radio show: BLU Radio 036 feat. Gina Star

You started your radio show/podcast “BLUcast” back in 2010, and you cover interesting track selection. How’s your experience so far and how do you pick your tracks for the show?
When it first started it was just a show of me posting mixes. Now it’s a FULL on radio show. I have an A-list guest every week for 30 minutes. I also cover every genre of music because I love everything as long as it’s good. How I pick my tracks is simple, I go on Beatport every week and I pick the best stuff I find or I showcase a new track by a friend.

Could you tell us about your music production process? Also your equipment and the setup you use in your live shows.
For production I use Ableton Live. I learned a lot over the past few years teaching myself. It’s amazing software and very user friendly. I’ve DJ’d for 13 years, so I use Pioneer CDJs and USB’s with Record Box.

Speaking of shows, what are your touring plans for the rest of 2013?
Well, I’m basically touring everywhere. My schedule is insane right now! I’m pretty much covering all of North America with my album tour, and I plan to do Europe at the end of this year.

What artists would fans be surprised to find on your iPod?
Florence and the Machine, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Nicks, Madonna. I love women that rock!

Any final thoughts or parting words?
I hope everyone likes my compilation. I worked hard on it to show you don’t have to pigeonhole yourself into one genre of music. I hope everyone enjoys it and gets a copy. Support from my fans is MUCH appreciated!

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