The Skinny: There are very few rock groups worldwide whose musical substance and personnel structure has been as stable over the past two and a half decades as that of Fair Warning. The German rock act has released studio and live albums at regular intervals since 1991 without ever manifesting any significant weaknesses. So you’d better mark May 27th (Germany: 24 May 2013, US/Canada: 18 June 2013) in your diary, because that’s the scheduled release day of Sundancer, the eleventh offering by the band which continues to consist in the 23rd year of its existence.

Like Fair Warning’s previous releases, the new album is a prime example of melodiousness, vitality, complexity and confidence. As usual Sundancer was produced by Fair Warning themselves. “Even if our music can still be classed as melodic rock, the new songs nevertheless document a broader stylistic range than our previous releases,” explains bassist Ule Ritgen, adding, “We make a point of avoiding any particular stylistic agenda, we’re open to influences from all directions. After all, it doesn’t matter what inspires an idea, it’ll always end up a typical Fair Warning song.”


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