Sheffield, or “Steel City” as it is known around the UK, is a city responsible for an impressive array of British rock and metal acts. From old school rockers Def Leppard to modern day metal troublemakers Bring Me The Horizon, Sheffield is a place which is steeped in rock history. However, should you have the inclination to dig through the bands that have made the front pages of the mainstream media, you’ll find an underground scene bubbling away with bands like Dead Harts who, as this album showcases, are smashing out some exciting sounds.

From the scummy rehearsal rooms of the British underground, Born into Rags to Die No Richer is as passionate and heartfelt of album as you could find. Inspired by the hardcore chaos of bands like Norma Jean and Stray From The Path, opener “All Washed Up” leaves you with no doubts as to the intentions of this band. From the snarling, spitting vocals, to the combination of metallic hardcore and punk rock chaos, Born into Rags to Die No Richer is a colossal album.

For a band clearly immersed in their punk/metal/hardcore roots, every note, every scream, every beat sounds gargantuan without thankfully losing any of that raw, unbridled fury. Jerking between thrashing punk/metal and two-step inducing hardcore, “CTRL ALT Defeat” is a fine example of how Dead Harts take their inspirations and meld them together into a blistering end product. In fact, such is the quality of the ear-splitting rage this band create that it makes it easy to rate these bands alongside the more established Brit metal/hardcore pack. It’s easy to listen to tracks like “Perm Back And Sides” and understand why Dead Harts are being spoken alongside bands like While She Sleeps, Heights and Feed The Rhino. Born into Rags to Die No Richer may be their debut but, to be held in the same regards as bands like While She Sleeps shows the quality on show here.

Make no mistake, Dead Harts are a band that are still in the early days of their career and have a long, exciting road ahead of them. Born into Rags to Die No Richer is an album full of promise, full of rage, and full of quality tunes. It’s an album that will propel the band onto much bigger things giving them a deserved opportunity to leave their size-9 boot print embedded on an unsuspecting audience.

Track Listing:

01. All Washed Up
02. Smoke Wagons
03. CTRL ALT Defeat
04. Perm Back and Sides
05. Crooks
06. Interlude
07. Headhunter
08. Ceasar

Run Time: 20:24
Release Date: February 05, 2013

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