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Available here as a free download, “Twin Yellow Suns” is the latest track from the sludge, doom, post-rock, and experimental metal band Near Grey. The group hail from Montreal, Quebec and formed in 2011. Drummer Marc-Olivier Germain initially composed some drum beats and guitar riffs in order to form a new band, slower and heavier than anything he had done before. Guitarist Michel Rochefort joined up with Marc-Olivier in the Fall of 2011 and soon began to put his own edge on the riffs that had already been written.

Something was clearly blossoming by this point, but it wasn’t until guitarist Kevin Bartczak joined in early 2012 that Near Grey really started to feel more like a band and not just a small project. Nicolas Tremblay completed the lineup when he joined in the Summer of 2012 and the guys recorded their first music together. Their first EP contains three songs that will introduce you to this emerging band’s sludge metal sound. The primary purpose of Near Grey is to make music they like while bringing something fresh to the scene.