Corrosion Of Conformity are pretty much considered by almost anybody into metal a “classic” band. Most metal heads (and even many non-metalheads) can name a few COC albums and/or songs that they enjoy. Though the band has been around since the 80s, most people are familiar with them solely for their output with Pepper Keenan. As a result much of their earlier material is unknown to the masses.

This reissue of the band’s debut Eye For An Eye was interesting for me as I personally had never heard the original. Although I was aware that the band’s early sound was more hardcore/punk-influenced, I was not aware that the sound was almost totally punk/hardcore. As a result I was a bit shocked upon my initial listen of Eye for An Eye.

However, once the shock wore off a bit and I had a few more listens, I enjoyed the album. Despite the fact that it is more than a little rough around the edges, overall the songs are energetic and most are actually quite good. I mean sure it’s sloppy as hell, but that’s also part of it’s charm. The addition of the EP Six Songs With Mike Singing is also really cool as it is the first place where you can hear Mike Dean debut as a singer.

Track Listing:

01. Tell Me
02. Minds Are Controlled
03. Idifferent
04. Broken Will
05. Rabid Dogs
06. L.S.
07. Rednekkk
08. Coexist
09. Excluded
10. Dark Thoughts
11. Poison Planet
12. What
13. Negative Outlook
14. Positive Outlook
15. No Drunk
16. College Town
17. Not Safe
18. Eye For An Eye
19. Nothings Gonna Change
20. Green Manalishi
21. Eye For An Eye
22. Center of the Wolrd
23. Citizen
24. Not for Me
25. What
26. Negative Outlook

Run Time: 40:31
Release Date: November 6, 2012

Check out the song: “Psychic Vampire”