Exclusive Interview with Humans
Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Humans. Read up on a lot of interesting things you may not have known about Robbie and Peter.

1. Hi Robbie and Peter! As this is your first interview with MaxMuzik, let’s start off with a little background. How did each of you get into music?
Peter: I got into music through my parents forcing me to play piano when I was growing up. I hated practicing and so my mother would bribe me with collectable ghostbuster stickers for every time I practiced for a half hour.

2. For our readers who’ve never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words.
Electronic, world beat, disco, dark and fun.

3. Can you offer insight into some of your musical inspirations?
It changes a lot, we like to discover new bands all the time. When the band started, we were really into daft punk, tv on the radio, LCD soundsystem. Now, we like things like Jamie XX, 123 mark, fantastic mr fox, Max Ulis, Evy Jane, Trust, Tanlines.

4. Earlier this year, you released your latest EP “Traps”. What was that experience like for

It was great, we wrote about 23 tracks and chose 7. Some of the songs that didn’t make it will be on the new album which will come out next year. The response to traps has been so positive, we are very happy with it. Hybridity (our label) has helped making TRAPS a success. We took all their advice and happy we did so.

5. Back in September 2012 you joined the Pop Montreal Showcase. How was the show in
general and what was that experience for you?

That was our second time playing POP. This time around it was even more fun because our LABEL put on the showcase and so we played with friends and PBR gave us 250 tall cans for free!! The show went well, hot dancy and sweaty.

6. If you could open up for an artist right now, who would it be and why?
LCD soundsystem because not only are they a great band and play for thousands of people but that would mean they’d have to get back together.

Exclusive Interview with Humans

7. Speaking of shows, what are you touring plans for the rest of the year?
We just finished a north american tour. We have a couple shows here and there but we are going to take it easy now and record /write the album

8. What artists would fans be surprised to find on your iPod?
I think fans will be surprised to know that I don’t have an iPOD.

9. Any final thoughts or parting words?
love you

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