I only recently got into Delain, having listened to their last album April Rain just a few short months ago. I actually thought that album was good; catchy female-fronted goth metal – even though a tad bit too poppy at times for the metal tag.

Stylistically their latest album, We Are The Others”, is very similar to April Rain. While the songs do have some crunch, the emphasis is obviously on harmonies and showcasing vocalist Charlotte Wessels’ amazing voice. This is solid stuff with the only really weak song being “Where Is the Blood”, which features a guest appearance by Burton C Bell of Fear Factory. I’m sorry Burton, but you just didn’t fit the song! Other than this minor glitch, We Are The Others is a solid goth pop/metal album and well deserving of your hard earned cash – if you’re into this type of thing.

Track Listing:

01. Mother Machine
02. Electricity
03. We Are the Others
04. Milk and Honey
05. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
06. I Want You
07. Where Is the Blood (feat Burton C. Bell)
08. Generation Me
09. Babylon
10. Are You Done With Me
11. Get The Devil Out Of Me
12. Not Enough
13. The Gathering (live)
14. Control the Storm (live)
15. Shattered (live)
16. Sleepwalkers Dream (live)

Run Time: 61:28
Release Date: July 3, 2012

Check out some samples of the album: “We Are the Others”