For anyone who’s into any kind of emo or screamo music, even for people who are into some more intense indie styles, I think that Suis La Lune and their new record Riala are a must. Hailing from Sweden, I’ve found myself coming back to their previous releases over and over again for the last few years. When I learned that they were recording a new full-length I was absolutely elated and the band certainly did not disappoint.

Riala expands on the sound of the band’s previous records with a “twinkly” and melodic screamo sound that includes very precise drumming and lots of dynamic fluctuation. However, I feel that Riala delivers a slightly heavier and darker tone than any of the band’s previous records. The group made use of a lot more feedback with aspects of “drone” which at some points created gigantic walls of sound just before slipping back into some of the softer more melodic parts.

Suis la Lune is known for having fairly melodramatic lyrics that seem to focus primarily around love loss and heartbreak. This record carries on this approach, but the band did tone down the melodrama a little bit. The vocal style though, is what I think most people have trouble with when listening to Suis La Lune – it’s not so much screaming and it’s not really singing, rather it’s more of a very emotional talking. Personally I love it, it sounds like someone having an emotional breakdown to the beat of the music. Despite how some might be off put by the vocal style, I think Riala is a near perfect record and should be checked out by various kinds of music fans. Period.

Track Listing:

01. Cornea – 3:35
02. Stop Motion – 3:02
03. Wishes & Hopes – 3:11
04. Hands Are For Helping – 2:14
05. In Confidence – 4:50
06. Remorse – 3:20
07. All That Meant Something – 3:56
08. Riala – 2:32
09. Sense In a Broken Dialogue – 5:22
10. One and All, Every Bit – 7:06

Run Time: 39:09
Release Date: May 22, 2012

Check out the album: ‘Riala’