Metal heads young and old are gonna want to check out Spiral Empire, the debut disc from Canadian metalers, West Of Hell. These guys skillfully combine huge amounts of old-school metal influences with a more modern day approach and the result is totally off the chain. I’m an old-school metal head through and through and this disc really reminded me of the early, glory days of the thrash metal scene. Spiral Empire is a punishing, lethal dose of molten metal complete with monster guitar riffs and commanding vocals delivered at an extremely furious pace. Don’t miss this one!

Track Listing:

01. Father Of Lies
02. Water Of Sorcery
03. Demon Sent
04. Faceless Droids
05. Unworthy
06. Singularity
07. To War
08. Soul Taker
09. Spiral Empire
10. Onslaught

Run Time: 52:49
Release Date: May 8, 2012

Check out the song: “Spiral Empire”