Is this the future? Oh wait, my bad, it’s just Robots, the first full-length from Casino Madrid. San Diego, CA’s six piece mixes electronic and hardcore to create their futuristic sound and nothing better exemplifies this than the intro track “Robots”; it boots up and goes into electronic breakdown mode, instantly pumping up the listener.

As just stated, the music is a mixture of hardcore and electronic, interlaced with breakdowns and programmed overlays. Adding to the music’s fun atmosphere, Casino Madrid inserted euro dance beats and even formulated patches to help them transition from one riff to another. Last but not least, the already crazy music also has aggressive shouting and high-sung choruses further adding to the aforementioned “fun” factor.

Casino Madrid have taken advantage of technology and electronica, using it to its full potential in this album. Robots definitely shows where future hardcore sounds could go, but how many people will want it to remains to be seen. “We are all robots searching for a purpose”.

Track Listing:

01. Robots
02. 4:42 Reminds Me Of You
03. Fightin’ Words
04. Life Sentencer
05. Fantasy Vs. Reality
06. The Devil On My Shoulder Knows How To Party
07. I Want My 25 Minutes Of Fame
08. Anthem Of The Lonely
09. Thirsty Thursday
10. Pocket Aces

Run Time: 29:14
Release Date: November 10, 2011

Check out the song: “Fightin’ Words”